Laser welding is a specific method of welding that is carried out by non-dismantling the assembly of two materials, by melting the edges, with the help of optical energy. The main advantage of laser welding compared to electric welding is that it manages to concentrate the required heat in a very specific point, which reduces the heat affected zone.

The Lightweld manual laser welding and cleaning machine is a high-frequency laser equipment developed by the IPG-Photonics company, which is a world leader in the manufacture of fiber optic lasers.

Main features:

  • Thanks to the air cooling system, it is compact, easy to transport and very energy efficient
  • The function of laser pre- and post-cleaning of the welding seam optimizes the quality of the weld and at the same time substantially increases the productivity
  • Due to its high frequency pulse operation, Lightweld can achieve a lower heat ratio and greater penetration depth than most laser welding machines
  • Simple to use and easy to learn
  • It allows to make high quality weld bead
  • It can be used on a wide range of material types and thicknesses with presets recommended by the manufacturer
  • It is possible to use together with an additive dispenser

Penetration thickness for different materials:

Steel stainless/carbon/zink:                        4 mm

Aluminum series 3 and 5 (3xxx, 5xxx):     4 mm

Technical specifications:

Rated laser power:                                         1500 W

Maximum laser power:                                 2500W in HPP operating mode

Weld width:                                                     0-5mm or 0-15mm in cleaning mode

Welding frequency:                                        0-300 Hz

Laser wavelength:                                           1064 nm

Operating mode:                                             CW, TACK, MODULAR, HPP, STITCH, CLEAN, ADV STITCH

Power supply:                                                  200-240 V

Dimensions:                                                     641x316x534