Software – created and developed by Pulzor Technology

ExaCAM software generates NC codes from computer drawing formats, DXF files (from dxf files downloaded from the Client) automatically or manually after initial data input. The software is also suitable for editing existing 2D drawings. As an option there is the possibility to automatically design on the cutting niche, small support points that are used to fix the already cut parts and then do not prevent the removal of the finished products after cutting. The software gives the user the ability to interfere with all automated actions and subsequently modify the results obtained by the automations. The software can simulate the finished NC program and then query the number of paragraphs, all cut lengths and estimated cutting time.

Cut Control communicates with the main units and coordinates their operation. The program has a more complex “engineering interface” where general parameters can be changed, and a simpler interface that can be conveniently managed from a touch screen monitor. On the simple interface, you can start the machine, read the files and specify the number of landmarks. Coordinates X, Y, and Z axis functions as well as vertical axis alignment at start of cut and automatic sheet surface tracking.